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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  October 7, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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if you would like to know your score, we have a link on our website. click on living smart. this is 9 news now. one local school is shut down today for a thorough cleaning after students start to contract the flu. good morning. i'm andrea roane. howard is here with wet weather and angie has a major traffic problem. we will get to that in a moment. but first start with howard. >> the wind is the key today. wind advisory in affect. this morning a few showers with a strong cold front which is coming through over the next few hours. you see the line of showers to our north an northwest. some heavier showers in to northwestern montgomery county there on the line with frederick county, from frederick, 270, urbana and barnesville and leesburg and front royal. we have a line of showers
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moving east. on the weather computer, we have a wind advisory for just about everybody. southern maryland is windy but not in the advisory. gusts 40 to 50 miles an hour to the west. right now the highest gust is in cumberland, gusting to 38 miles an hour. today will be a windy day. sunshine this afternoon but watch for the winds. at times gusting over 40 miles an hour. a busy morning traffic wise. >> early on, we have issues to avoid, avoid, avoid. begin with the beltway at the inner loop right after georgia avenue. we have an accident taking away all lanes. this a-- involves a tractor- trailer and a fuel leak and emergency responders will be out there for a good amount of time. take note, the inner loop after georgia all lanes are blocked. southbound route 4 at bayfour road, all laned are blocked
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here, as well. southbound traffic is diverted to the northbound lanes. that's what we know. moving to 395 northbound. great past seminary to the 14th street bridge. on the inner loop back to the maps, drivers are moving at speed. and then on i-66 out of centreville to the capital beltway, looks like we are pretty much volume light. no delays or accidents at the time. andrea, over to you. this morning the h1n1 flu is forcing a school here to shut down. five students have been diagnosed with the virus. alex trevino has more from laurel. >> reporter: these students are stunned after professional cleaners came in to start to disinfect the campus. yesterday's poor turnout was tone. >> we have swine flu at our school. i don't think that anyone expected our school to have swine flu, 130 kids were out of school today. >> five students have confirmed
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cases of the h1n1 virus. those numbers are enough to convince principal steven edmonds to take the safety measures. >> my theory was we have the students out of the building tomorrow. get the cleaning crew in and do a thorough cleaning of the surfaces to minimize the spread of any of the flu or any of these germs. >> that was alex trevino reporting. the h1n1 has raised hope in some, but it also raised fear and tensions in others. a number of people are concerned about the side effects of a relatively new vaccine. researchers at the university of maryland cool of medicine have tested the vaccine on thousands of volunteers, including children and noun none have experienced serious side effects. >> if you look at the risks versus the benefits, i think the benefit will far youth weigh the risk of any potential side effects that someone may
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get from vaccination. >> possible side effects include fever, body aches and possible pain, swelling or redness at the injection site. the woman struck by a metro bus on monday night died yesterday afternoon. she was 61-year-old stephanie richardson of northeast dc. a metro bus hit her moments after she had stepped off another metro bus. the accident is under investigation. dc councilman marion barry is expected to stay in the hospital the rest of the week. barry was admitted to howard university hospital yesterday after complaining of dehydration. his spokeswoman says he had a mild infection and will be staying in the hospital to rest. he underwent a kidney transplant earlier this year. protests may not be the only thing dc leaders have to face after last week's school layoffs. >> no teachers, no school. >> 200 students rallied outside of chancellor michelle rhee's
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headquarters and then took their demonstrations to city hall. they are upset over the sudden firings of 229 teachers. the washington teachers union believes veteran instructors were unfairly targeted, and it plans to sue the city. good news for an elderly virginia woman. the culpeper county board of supervisors voted unanimously to allow 77-year-old alice johnson to stay in her mobile home as long as she gets running water within six months. the property she lives on has been in already family for decades but neighbors got upset about the lack of plumbing and petitioned the county to seize johnson's land. five after the hour. time for the first living smart report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with a look at the day on wall street. >> good morning. it will be a busy day because we have earnings season starting. investors are bracing for a flood of companies to report earnings like alcoa today.
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it will likely show how they are holding up during the recession. and this morning wall street will push to see if it can move the rally to the third straight day. in the latest session the dow rose 132 points. the nasdaq rose 35 yesterday. the s&p 500 was up 14. a proposal is moving through congress that addresses consumers protection and would bring investment funds under government supervision. they like the sound of the bill but republican critics are objecting to key components of the plan and say too many complex topics were put in. it could see a house vote next month. is the economy making for smaller pumpkins this halloween season? with consumers feeling grew gal farmers planted smaller pumpkins. there are plenty of big ones to choose from if you don't mind to pay more for them. >> the great pumpkin will have
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to wait because you have a savings tip for us. >> who wouldn't want a little luxury on a dime, right? we have spa week coming up. i will tell you all about that. one route to our area beaches is shutting down for a while. details coming up. plus, authorities arrest dozens of mid-atlantic bikers suspected of plotting against their rival gangs. if you have postponed a mammogram, doctors have found evidence that dodging this test can really cost you everything. very relieving to find out everything was good and i could have it removed. i was like, yes, finally. it is important to get familiar with your body and make sure you do self checks. it is out of the middle of nowhere that it happened. i didn't even know. it is important to just know
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your body. & celebrate my life &&.
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welcome back. we are traveling westbound on 50 in maryland. the time is 5:08. the lanes are wide open and the cars are green. more realtime traffic is coming up. in the news now, today, two detectives who interviewed a rockville man shortly after he allegedly drowned his three children in a hotel bathtub are scheduled to testify at his trial. in it cast see owe allegedly admits to the 2008 murders of his children. federal agents have arrested 50 members and associates of the pagan's motorcycle club in connection with the murder conspiracy. at least one of the arrests happened in jefferson, west
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virginia. the suspects are all accused of plotting to kill and extort members of rival gangs. be prepared for detours if you head to ocean city next week. the route 90 bridge in to ocean city will be shut down for repairs for two months. at the moment, there is a 6,000- pound weight restriction on the bridge. the bridge should reopen to traffic by mid december. a great discovery for space enthusiasts. that story is coming up in what's on the web. plus, a hurricane has its sights set on the main island. >> we will look at radar and talk about the wind advisory. it is coming up. t a free quote at
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it is 5:13. japan's national weather agency says typhoon appears headed to the main island. the storm's outer banks are kicking up surf and dumping rain along coastal cities. the tie typhoon is expected to make land fall tomorrow. and howard is telling us to hold on to your hats. >> it will be very windy today and wet this morning and unless you have a super duper umbrella it will be flying away. 73 today. look at the next three days,
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windy and rainy. friday warm before the next cold front with a chance of a shower on friday night. talk about what is happening outside with the bus stop forecast. it will be windy as the winds increase this morning. temperatures in the upper 50s to upper 60s. this afternoon partly sunny. gusts 40 to 50. cool air and cool tonight as the winds die down with lows low 40s north to northwest and tomorrow, sunny and pleasant, 70 to 75. here's the wind advisory until 6:00. not for southern maryland but just about everybody else, winds gusting to 40 to 50 in the higher elevations. the wind gusts as high as 25 in cumberland. 24 patuxent river. we are waiting for the front which is to the north and west. some showers are moving through. one batch last night and another batch here. the front is passing pittsburgh
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at this hour. i want to show you the showers we are looking at on live doppler nine thousand. they are moving quickly and the line north of baltimore back to new market. as we move to the north across montgomery and howard county, a line of showers through is a damascus, clarksburg and germantown. east of leesburg over to front royal scene this is a broken line of showers to the south and west. this heavy stuff to the north of olney here and moving to howard county. watch for that. let's go to the weather computer. we are mild. ahead of the storm system we have a southerly flow. this front actually extends to the deep south with showers and storms. once it passes us, we will be dealing with the wind today. the good thing is the high pressure will build in and much better shape tomorrow. the front is coming through this morning, late this afternoon it pulls away and
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high pressure builds in for -- for tonight and thursday. here's the seven-day forecast. low 70s today and tomorrow with early shower answer the wind today. friday looks good. the weekend could feature a shower saturday morning but okay on sunday and more possible on late monday. angie, i know you have been busy. >> that's rye right. we will begin with a story that has been hogging our traffic news this morning. we go to alex trevino who is live on the scene where this accident has occurred and we still have all lanes blocked. hey, alex. >> we are on a bike path under a beltway in silver spring. the female officer was responding to a jackknifed tractor-trailer on this section of 495 when she got out of her car, she noticed another jackknifed trailer coming toward her. the officer jumped over the divider on the inner shoulder of the inner loop for protection, not realizing it was an overpass. she dropped approximately 24 feet and landed on a grassy
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area a bike path we are on. she was transported by fire and rescue with serious but nonlife- threatening injuries. she remained conscious and is said to be doing okay at this hour and considered to be very lucky. >> to recap that for you real quick. we will show you the map. the inner loop after georgia avenue, still all lanes blocked. this accident involving a police officer who responded to the scene who is currently in serious or has serious injuries. remember, that you want to avoid this. they will be investigating the accident for sometime. this is another tieup we have been following early on. southbound route 4 at bay four road in anne arundel. we have southbound traffic diverted to the northbound lanes because drivers are losing all lanes here as well at that intersection. taking it outside and this time from 270 southbound. we have slick pavement out there. overall from 121 to the split you are looking at smooth
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sailing. 395 in virginia, right now no delays to report as drivers make their way from duke to seminary and 95 before that in virginia, from dale city to the mixing bowl, drivers are moving at speed. that's a quick look at traffic. andrea, over to you. many the living well headlines a timely study as we mark the 25th anniversary of national breast cancer awareness month. if you haven't gotten a mammogram, listen up. researchers say 75% of the women who died from breast cancer either never had a mammogram or were diagnosed after their first screening. only 25% who were tested more consistently died of the disease. join wusa 9 for a heart healthy week. it kicks off october 17th with bike dc and then on sunday the heart of dc 5 k run. you can register for these events at part of the proceeds benefit the american heart association. let's say good morning to kristin fisher in the web
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center. >> reporter: good morning. well, a new massive ring is discovered around saturn. plus, is nasa really planning to bomb the moon? those are two top stories on the web this morning. let's start with saturn. look at this. this is the top story on nasa scientists discover massive ring around saturn and their findings will be published in the journal nature by astronomers at the university of virginia and the university of maryland. this story definitely has some ties very close to home. let's zoom in on that image. this is the ring that was spotted by the spitser space telescope. what we are talking about is a nearly invisible ring around the planet that is so big it would take 1 billion efforts to fill it. it is an artist rendering of the ring because the actual ring is invisible to the naked eye. that's how they were able to detect it is using infrared. the second space story, is
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nasa really planning to bomb the moon? that's the headline on many space blogs and websites this morning and it's true. on friday morning, nasa will crash a probe in to the moon in search of hidden caches of water and ice. now, the probe is called l cross. parts were built here at the goddard space center. it was travel at twice the speed of a bullet and blast a hole the moon's surface. they are trying to stimulate what a come would do and the reason so many people are excited about this is because you will be able to see that impact from the earth if you have a very small telescope. many backyard astronomers are looking forward to this lunar explosion. >> sounds exciting. back to you. the redskins make a move which leads to more speculation about coach zorn's job security. plus, the baseball playoffs start today, but good luck matching the drama of tuesday's play in game.
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stay tuned. sports is next. and tonight at 11:00, some doctors tired of waiting for their money from insurance companies are requiring patients to pay the full bill up front before service beyond copays, tonight at 11:00.
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lr; what kind of person writes a thesis calling working women "detrimental to the family..." then lies about his opponent to cover up his own record? the post said bob mcdonnell took office
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and began passing his social agenda... and the post confirmed that he voted to deny access to birth control. they said mcdonnell even opposed equal pay for women. no matter what his ads say, bob mcdonnell can't cover up his record. i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor, and my campaign sponsored this ad. the defending world champion phillies face off
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against the rockies and the other national league series is the cardinals against the dodgers. the american league the red sox and angels start tomorrow. and today the yankees take on the winner of tuesday's game against the tigers and the twins. yesterday's game went in to extra innings tied at four. in the 12th. castilla gets the hit to right to score gomez and send the twins to the postseason. the redskins make a move to shore up their offense but not with the roster. long-time assistant sheryl lewis has been hired as an assistant. he studied under holmgren and is considered a west coast whiz. one nfl reporter suggests that lewis could take over play calling if zorn is fired mid season. three games in to the the season washington visited
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philadelphia last night and richards stole the show. the flyers notches a hat trick and the caps stayed in the game, thanks in part to ovechkin's two goals but the game goes in to overtime and with a minute left in the extra period, phillies grier scores the winner on his birthday. caps fall 6-5. captiol hill lawmakers could soon get more time to review the bills they are voting on. that story is coming up. plus, the recession has changed our habits when it comes to using plastic. and metro unveils a crime fighting tool to keep you and your vehicle safe. here's angie. no problems to report for travelers on the dulles told road heading to the beltway. we will have an update on the inner loop accident in maryland along with the weather with howie b. when 9 news now returns. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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colorado's ski season gets underway today. they have been making snow and will fire up the dee lift in a couple of hours. >> awesome. >> oh, yeah. it is the earliest opening for this resort in 40 years. >> thanks for joining us. angie will have the traffic in a moment. howard is starting us with the forecast and we can revel in snow there because it's not here. >> i like to see that. >> i'm a snow boarder so, bring it on. >> little man, he's a boarder. he won't skate. he's been learning. let's talk about the weather. we start with live doppler nine thousand this morning. a line of showers in anne arundel county. that sort of breaks up as we go in to loudoun county and toward luray. culpeper, a sprinkle headed to your way. the front is passing pittsburgh at this hour. the thin line of showers headed
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to garrett county. behind that the winds will pick up with a wind advisory in affect until 6:00. temperatures, look at how mild they are in morning in the 60s with the cloud cover, the shower and the wind and today high unless the low 70s with maybe falling temperatures a little bit this afternoon. winds could gust over 40 miles an hour at times today. watch for that. 5:30. time for traffic. good morning, angie. >> thanks for joining us. we have half way through the workweek and i'm happy to report a good update on the inner loop after georgia avenue. that's where we have an accident involving the tractor- trailer taking away all lanes. all lanes are open and traffic is slowing. be careful approaching the scene. okay, moving over to northbound georgia avenue, a new accident is blocking a lane. route 4 southbound at bay front road is where we have crash activity taking away all lanes out here as well.
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and we will finish with 66 out of virginia. you are clear making your way to the district. alex trevino is live near the scene of the beltway. >> andrea, a female officer from the montgomery county police department is hurt. but doing okay at this hour. the montgomery county police department spokesperson tells us that a female officer responded to a jackknifed trailer at this section of the beltway on the inner loop between georgia avenue and the parkway overpass at 2:00 a.m. when she got out of her vehicle, she saw another jackknifed tractor-trailer coming toward her. the officer jumped over a divider on the inner shoulder of the inner loop for protection. the officer didn't realize she was on the overpass when she
5:32 am
dove for cover and dropped approximately 24 feet to a grassy area near this bike path that we are on now. fire rescue did take her to the hospital and she's recovering from those injuries and she's considered to be very lucky. she didn't suffer more serious injuries. reporting live in silver spring, maryland, alex trevino, 9 news now and >> the good news is the beltway is open although you can expect traffic to be sluggish in the area. today is the 8th anniversary of the u.s.-led invasion of afghanistan. president obama will meet his top military advisers today as he debates whether to send more american troops in to the country. the top u.s. commander in the region, general mcchrystal has requested up to 40,000 more troops. he says they are needed to defeat the taliban and stabilize the country. some lawmakers disagree. >> the troops deserve a strategy that is every bit as
5:33 am
good as the sacrifice they are being asked to make. >> very convinced that general mcchrystal's analysis is not only correct but should be employed as quickly as possible. >> reporter: president obama hasn't tipped his hand other than to say a complete withdrawal is out of the question. the president will take several weeks to finalize his strategy. last night the senate passed a $626 billion spending bill for the pentagon. it will bring the tab for the wars in afghanistan and iraq to more than $1 trillion. the measure also bans any outright transfer of accuseddenmy combatants from the detention facility at guantanamo bay in to the united states. you may not know this, but most lawmakers on captiol hill do not read an entire bill before they vote on it. well, there's a push on the hill to change this. washington state congressman brian baird has 182 signatures on a petition which would require all bills be posted on- line at least 72 hours before
5:34 am
they come up for debate. he feels this could help to change the problems in law making. >> the republicans passed the medicare prescription drug bill. 45million lives affected. $750billion added to the debt. less than 30 hours to read the bill. democrats have done the same thing with the energy package and stimulus bill. supporters of the 72 on-line posting plan say it will create a more transparent government and return power to the american people. is it free speech or animal cruelty. the supreme court appears poised to strike down a federal law designed to outline any form of media which shows the most brutal cases of animal abuse the case before the justices involves a virginia man sentenced to three years in prison for distributing dog fighting videos which he says were made to educate people about the dangers of dog fighting. during arguments, many of the justices on the high court seem to share the belief that the
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current wording of the law is too broad and attacks free speech. metro police have a new tool to fight crime across the transit systems stations and parking lots. officers have begun to use t-3. the segway like vehicle gives them a better view of the stations and parking lots. they will need them to combat crime in the system which has risen steadily the last three years. last year alone there were 2200 crimes reported station wide. most were car thefts and break ins. time for another living smart report and digital correspondent, jessica doyle is back with a change the way we are buying things. >> good morning. it seems the recession has cooled our love affair with the credit card. more of us are using debit cards instead now days. the "washington post" reports we are worried about piling on more debt. the deserve says revolving credit card levels dropped by
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$6.1 billion in july but debit card usage surged during the economic downturn. new rules to keep you safe while you fly will cost airlines a penny extra a ticket. they say they need to ramp up testing and din disintextfecting of tap water on planes. 20% showed no signs of any chlorine or any indication but the water was treated. time for the money saving tip of the day would you like a little pampering on the cheap right now? you are in luck spa week is october 12th through the 18th. you can find a participating spa and get any full-service treatment in the area for $50. that could save you 50% or more. we have links to spas on our website at just click on living smart. you can fond out more on my blog at the and love to be your friend and
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facebook book and let's follow each other on twitter. if you have ever played hooky from work, a new trend in how employers are treating fake excuses. plus, the latest on green technology goes in to affect today south of the border. driving the 270 parkway. nothing going on. stay with 9 news now. more and more, the quality of our lives depends on our connections. access to high-speed internet, at home and on the go, is no longer a luxury. it's how our children access education. it's how we find jobs, discover information,
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live from the district, in northeast where we have no problems. it's angie and i will have more shots of the roads you take early coming up. in the news, police churr their suspect in the murder of a fairfax county acupuncturist in ohio. he's 47-year-old danny kim. kim is accused of killing her
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in her home in annandale. at this point, investigators are not mentioning motive or what exactly led them to dim. today the 2009 renewable energy forum starts in mexico. lawmakers, business leaders and researches around the world will meet to discuss the newest green technology. they hope to spark investment in its again industry, too. have you ever called out sick with a fake excuse. the percentage of businesses who fired workers for that offense has dropped from 18% to 50% over the last year. a survey finds one third of u.s. workers play hooky at least once a year. tens of thousands of g-mail and yahoo pass words are posted on-line. more in what is coming up on the web. plus, the latest discovery brings a halt to the munitions
5:41 am
dig in spring valley. >> it is dry at the moment and not that windy but both will change before the morning is out. we will look at doppler 9000 coming up. ♪ out for breakfast..."
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"but it looks pretty nasty outside" (announcer) grands at only $0.25 a biscuit you'll find any excuse to eat in
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what's underground is what residents of spring valley wants to know. surae chinn has the story. >> reporter: digging won't resume for weeks after a vial was discovered with traces of mustard in the upscale community of spring valley. delegate eleanor holmes norton says it is her goal to get to what is under the ground at the munitions site and it is the mission to find out what caused his father's deadly cancer. >> all of a sudden came down with a mysterious unknown disease. in the end he actually died of a small cell lung cancer.
5:45 am
>> reporter: a study conducted by johns hopkins determined residents were not at a greater risk because of the munitions, a swath that covers spring valley. eleanor norton agrees, or does she. >> there is no safety issue here. they have not affected the water oar air. i favor a longitudal study whether there have been health affects. >> reporter: after a building contractor accidentally discovered the munitions and $177 million later folks living here are left with many questions. surae chinn, 9 news now and >> the army corps of engineers say they removed enough soil to fill fedex field one foot deep. a list of munitions that have been unearthed will be made
5:46 am
public next month. howard is here. a little wind and -- little rain and a lot of wind coming our way. temperatures will be steady through the day and dropping off slightly this afternoon. but some gusts, 40 to 50 miles an hour. talk about the rain first. we have scattered showers across the region at this hour. on live doppler hd we will zoom in up to portions of howard an anne arundel counties and southern southern montgomery county. as you see the showers near bwi and fair view. this is moving east northeast heading toward you. here in the district, one sliver of a shower in fairfax county will probably roll across us in the next half hour. in charles county we have been watching the showers pick up from la plata eastward. even over the to north beach in calvert county this is moving to the east. watch out mechanicsville, benedict you will get that, as well. one more stop to the west,
5:47 am
amissville you see it coming your way. all of it is moving east northeast. warrenton, as well. wet at times as you go out the next hour. the forecast for the next three days, a shower or two this morning. windy and 73. friday we could top the 80- degree mark with a chance of a shower. how about the moms like bus stop forecast. winds will be increasing throughout the morning. in the coolest spots upper 50s. everybody in the 60s right now. we are watching temperatures this afternoon which will make the low 70s. gusts to 40 to 50 miles an hour. tonight the winds die down. lows in the low 40s to lower 50s. there's the wind advisory. wind gusts right now only a couple of spots in the 20s and 30 in cumberland. pennsylvania and ohio winds as high as 48 miles an hour. here's the front about to get
5:48 am
to cumberland. ahead of it is mild with showers riding on the prefrontal trough. and you see the temperatures mid to upper 60s ahead of the front. 50 in pittsburgh. and that's why we expect blustery windy day today with temperatures holding where they are. locally in the low 60s winchester and martinburg mid to upper 60s. here's the seven-day forecast. the wind advisory until 6:00 with a few showers. tomorrow and friday looks good. friday and saturday morning could be a shower and monday is another shower chance. good morning, angie. >> hello, everybody. thank you so much for waking up with us. it is a pleasure to have you join us so early. great news for you on the inner loop after georgia avenue. lanes were blocked for and ann accident involving a tractor- trailer. the good news it is pushed to the left shoulder.
5:49 am
all lanes are open. we can see that traffic is getting by. no reports of major delays at this time. you are looking at video that we took earlier within the last hour or so. move over to silver spring where we still have watching this over accident that popped up in the last half hour. georgia avenue at layhill road involving a disabled tractor- trailer. drivers are using the right lane. taking it over to anne arundel where southbound route 4 is closed heading southbound at bay front road. the good news is the traffic is diverted so there is a way around it. 395 northbound, no complaints out here. we have volume building duke to seminary. okay approaching the 14th street bridge and already seeing a slow go on 957 northbound between the prince william parkway to lorton. a lot of head lights. kristin, over to you. >> not looking good. it is also been a bad week for e-mail. yesterday we learned that
5:50 am
10,000 hot mail accounts have been hacked. now, we are hearing the attack has spread to g-mail and yahoo accounts and many oraccounts. so basically anyone who has an e-mail account out there you need to listen to this story. here it is. hot mail security breach spread as 30,000 g-mail and yahoo pass words are posted on-line by hackers. this is not exclusive to any one e-mail server. they create a website identical to the home page to fool users in to entering their e-mail and password and take the information and post it on-line in a public list for everyone to see. and the scary part is both of those lists can be accessed on- line. if your account was hacked, people can see your log in and pass word right now. here's the stories on gawkers, did your e-mail get hacked an a
5:51 am
lot of people are posting about the inconveniences they have encounters from their accounts being hacked. i will have links to these stories on my blog at go fish. what can you do about this, be careful. you know what those scrambled squabbled links look like. if you do not know the person sending you the e-mail, if you don't know the link, don't click on it. it is that simple. if that is not scary enough, look at this right here. the u.n. is saying the next world war may be caught if cyberspace. that's according to though u.n. telecommunications chief at a global meeting aimed at stopping cyberattacks. this is the picture that people at the conference were looking at. cyberwar. the bottom line is that government agencies across the world really are taking steps to address the issue but more
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needs to be done. injuries to a dancing star and tops the buzz. plus, need ideas to go green. now you can tour the first carbon neutral show home in the region.
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we've come together from start up firms, to global communications companies, to organizations representing millions of users. we don't always agree, but we've come together to share an important goal: bringing the magic
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a new report shows what the county is paying to injured workers. and the doc council booted the city's acting parks director. and millions in federal funding is sought to build a tunnel near bethesda naval hospital. read these story and more in the examiner. would you like to go green but not sure how? there's a new place where you can get a lot of ideas. it's called charity works green house. peggy fox shows us the first carbon neutral design home on the east coast. >> reporter: it may not look like it but this home uses 8 a% less electricity. >> the whole house is built out
5:56 am
of sigh row foam. >> you don't have to build a house from styrofoam and go beige and boring. >> we up pollster it in natural vegetable dyes and hand printed here the united states. >> reporter: it is filled with ways to make your carbon footprint smaller. >> the rug is made of wool and wool is a product that we know in seven years will break down in our land fills. synthetic materials are not. >> this is a product which is compressed particle board and it creates a beautiful affect and actually looks like an exotic wood. >> reporter: antiques are the greenest source we have. there's no carbon footprint whatsoever. >> reporter: you can see how beautiful a count top made from porcelain and ground glass can be. >> we are taking materials that would sit in a land fill for eons. >> this counter was created by
5:57 am
plastic bottles. the designers educated in the manufacturers. many items are affordable, too and useful like this hanging herb garden and everything is for sale. the house opens for the public october 10th. 9 news now and the charity works green house will be open through october 30th. tickets are $30 at the door. proceeds go to charities. >> the more i learn about the building material we need the local communities to get on it with their building codes to make the builders use these materials now and not several years from now because the stuff is here and we can be so much more efficient than they are. >> maybe they are setting a trend. >> let's get on it. let's talk about elizabeth taylor. she is a big twitter. she will have a heart procedure. the 77-year-old actress tells her followers on twitter she's
5:58 am
going to undergo a proceed your that improves heart function repairing a leaky valve, any prayers you have happen to lying around i would dearly appreciate. she has more than 157,000 followers and she's been doing this since march and she's been talking about everything from her personal insight. life without ear risks is empty. to her support for kathy ireland on dancing with the stars. >> and that leads us in to this. kathy ireland was the third celebrity booted off "dancing with the stars "but the hammer dropped on tom delay and it is not because of a score he received he has stress fractures in both feet he wanted to continue. he is dancing with cheryl burke, she's a two-time champion but his doctor and the show says no way. he was -- the person who was booted off is debbie may, they
5:59 am
called her samba no sizzle. >> first the cowboy thing where he is shaking it. >> wild thing. >> i can believe it. he was moving. >> a big opening on broadway last night. hamlet opened and jude law stars in this an the big red carpet opening has barbara walters, david hyde pierce. the reviewer from "usa today" loved it. four out of four stars. it is tough to imagine a more exhilarating way spending three hours sitting down. if you can score tickets this play is the thing to see. >> powerful men on broadway this year. >> yeah. >> make sure you turn your cell phone off, though. we have a lot to talk about we start with radar th


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